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Inclusion of Shower tray in  bathroom makes shower area separated within the limited space available  when used with the custom-fit curtain rod, shower curtain limits shower splash within the shower area, thus keeping bathroom dry  after a shower.

  • Easy to Install,
  • Hygienic
  • Improved & modern Aesthetic look

  • No restrictions unlike glass cabinet partitions
  • Bathroom will continue to look spacious

Shower Trays – available in apt shape, size & colors.  Produced  from high-grade  composite formulated & reinforced, molded fiber-glass for optimum strength, impact & corrosive resistance.

Ideal for new or remodeled projects.

Shower Tray Designed to suit Indian Bathroom, bathing needs & plumbing challenges  

Easy maintenance drain system.

Shower Tray sizes:
1100 x 900   raindrop max
900 x 900     raindrop sq

Corner Tray
900 x 900     raindrop crv

Suitable sized Shower Curtain Rods available